Bathroom Renovation Tips
16 Nov, 2020, 8:55 AM

Ever wondered how much space a standard toilet needs?

Or, where windows should be placed for the most natural light in a room? Or, how to pick out the right sink for your home?

The average person isn’t asking these questions on a regular day, but these are definitely questions that need to be considered when renovating a bathroom.

What’s the key to a bathroom renovation? Professionals say preparation is key. The more prepared and realistic you are, the more successful the renovation process.

There are so many elements to bathroom remodels. If this is your first time renovating a bathroom, tips from a professional or a long time homeowner may be beneficial. Practical advice from professionals can make the difference between a long and tedious process and a streamlined renovation.

Here are 9 bathroom renovation tips from professionals. Use these tips as a checklist for your bathroom renovation project.

1. Do Your Research

bathroom renovation

Research is key! Doing some in debt research before deciding on your bathroom renovation plans could change your whole experience. For a seamless experience, make sure you know how much space you are working with and any specifications for plumbing.

Have fun with your research process. Check online for the latest trends, use magazines for inspiration. Keep your options open, explore different colors, styles, and designs. Figure out what you want and stick to it.

Once you’ve decided what you want, communicate with your building and plumbing team. It’s very important to keep a clear line of communication with the plumbing team, they’ll be able to adjust the plumbing to fit your perfect bathroom layout.

2. Plan It Out

Planning is just another level of efficient research. Before you find your inspiration, you need to know what you’re working with.

Ask yourself, how much space do I have? Invest in a sturdy tape measurer and measure the main renovation area before choosing your design and product.

Think about what you want and what you don’t want to. Once it’s time to get started, you’ll be prepared with the necessary bathroom dimensions and you’ll know what products are not right for you.

3. Talk To The Professionals

Builders, designers, plumbers, and electricians, they’re all there to help complete a successful bathroom renovation project. Use them!

Talk to the professionals, they have the real answers, and they can tell you if your big idea will work in the space that you have. All homes are not created equally, so maybe one of the ideas you found in a magazine was a little too ambitious, a professional can help bring that idea to life in a more practical way.

A full bathroom renovation isn’t the typical DIY project, don’t be afraid to consult professionals for expert advice.

4. Get Your Drain Installed By Professionals

drain installed

If you’re planning on doing a major bathroom renovation, or really any type of home renovation that requires a connection to a plumbing system, we recommend hiring a professional plumber.

Remodeling projects that include major changes to the home’s plumbing infrastructure requires specific tools that will avoid clogging and plumbing issues in the future. Ultimately, getting a professional will save a lot of time and money in the future.

Drain installations include many elements of work fit for a professional, here are just a few to consider:

  • Re-routing piping – Do you plan on installing new water fixtures in the bathroom? How about replacing old fixtures? Sinks, toilets, and bathtubs all require pipe rerouting. A professional can identify where to add new segments. Plumbers have the expertise to properly design and install water lines, lateral connections, and new drains without causing damage to the home and keeping the existing infrastructure safe.
  • Drain cleaning – If you’re keeping your old bathroom piping infrastructure, you may need to clean it out to avoid complications after renovations. Drain cleaning professionals are equipped with tools that can safely enter drains and remove residue without damaging the pipe walls.
  • Pipe-fitting – Pipework usually runs behind the walls. Pipes are hard to reach and difficult to assess for quality over time. Quality pipework is the key to avoiding weak pipes, mold growth, moisture damage, and leakage over time.

It’s best practice to consult a professional before trying any repairs, installations, or adjustments to your plumbing system. Even for minor repairs or adjustments, professionals can recommend brands, tools, or models, tips, and safety measures that will help get the job done efficiently.


Professional architects say that light is the most important element in bathroom design. The lighting in a bathroom provides the overall feeling of the space.

The process of choosing the perfect lighting for your bathroom renovation may seem overwhelming without the right direction. Keep in mind that the vanity area, shower, and tub will all need specific lighting choices, and the overall design should still be cohesive.

If your bathroom space does not allow for a lot of flexibility with lighting, consider a dramatic tile design to bring the room to life.

6. Be Sure To Install Accessible Outlets

professional electrician installing sockets at home

There’s nothing like a bathroom with well-placed outlets. Don’t wait until the end of a renovation to realize you’ve forgotten to think about outlets. Imagine going to plug in your hairdryer and realizing that the outlet is next to the toilet and not near a mirror. If you have an electric toothbrush you’ll need to install an outlet near the sink or a medicine cabinet. Couples may need multiple outlets on both sides of a vanity. Forgetting the placement of outlets is a common mistake, don’t let it happen to you.

7. Use Easy-Clean Materials

Cleaning a bathroom can get challenging with tight spaces between tiling and residue build-up from soap and water. Professional interior designers often advise clients to consider how easy it is to clean the materials used in their bathroom remodel.

8. Remember These Types of Tiles

Don’ t get caught up looking at endless tile samples, just remember these:

Porcelain, glass, natural stone, cement, and subway tiles are the most sturdy and reliable tile types. If you are looking for long-lasting tiles for your shower and floors, those are the best types to consider, all you’ll need to do next is choose a color and shape.

9. Don’t Forget About Storage Space!

Good storage space is key to designing a bathroom that feels clean and serene. Functioning storage spaces should not be overlooked. Consider integrating storage ideas while drawing up the design plans, that way they will feel cohesive.

Looking for a bathroom remodel by qualified professionals? Call Universal Tradesman for a quote today and our experienced handymen will be glad to help refit your bathroom.

Looking for more info on bathroom remodelling? See what to consider when renovating your bathroom.

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