cleaning gutters the easy way
2 Aug, 2021, 3:13 AM

During autumn, the leaves change colors, fall into your gutters and to the ground. If the idea of scuttling around on the roof and scraping muck has you constantly postponing this task, you should know there is a better method of cleaning your gutters. Power tools actually provide another option. Below are some unconventional gutter-cleaning techniques you can consider

Be Cautious, Working From Heights is No Joke

man climbing up-the ladder

Before breaking out your gutter cleaning tools, ensure that extreme caution is exercised when working on ladders or high rooftops. Follow the safety tips below to prevent injury or property damage:

  • Use an extension ladder to access high rooftops.
  • Protect your eyes with work goggles and wear thick suede gloves to protect your hands.
  • Unless totally necessary, avoid walking on the roof. The risk of falling increases when you are on the roof and lean over to clean the gutter. A safer approach is using an extension ladder to access the roof. It is also safer to wait until early afternoon when the roof is dry.
  • Clean debris off the roof before you start cleaning the gutters. This will prevent the gutters from clogging again the next time it rains. A broom or leaf blower can be used to get this done.
  • If possible, have another person hold the ladder while you clean the gutters.
  • When cleaning out the gutters, remember to clean up the downspouts. This can be done with a flexible rod that has a brush on the end and commonly used to clean dryer vents. After, you should run water through the downspout to ensure it is completely clear.

Leaf Blower

Similar to how it replaces tedious raking below, cleaning your gutters with a leaf blower eliminates the need to manually remove debris. The most straightforward technique is using a ladder to climb onto the roof and walking along the edge, blowing out the leaves from the gutters as you go along.

An even safer way is using an extension kit as it curves and extends the reach of the leaf blower, so the gutter can be cleaned while you’re standing on the ground. Goggles are essential when this method is used because you will be positioned directly below everything that is blown out. This method is messy but quite effective; just prepare for being ‘drenched’ in debris.

Power Washer

If there is a storm before you get to clean your gutters, you could be left with sticky, wet leaves. This makes it more challenging to work with air compressors and leaf blowers. Therefore, a better technique could be using a power washer. A high-pressure power washer has intense force behind it. It is recommended that you clean the gutters from the ground level through the use of a telescoping wand that has a u-shaped attachment on the end.

man holding high pressure washer

After cleaning, the ground under the downspouts will be littered with debris. A gloved hand or rake can clean this up or a water broom can be used to remove it. Debris could land on your siding and windows. Think about removing patio furniture and plan on power rinsing your home later, if necessary.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

If you prefer not to pick up the mess on the ground following gutter cleaning, a wet/dry vacuum can get it done all at once. This can be done while standing on a ladder or an extension kit, can be purchased at a local hardware store that will enable you to access the gutters.

Get Assistance with Cleaning Your Gutter

Even with access to creative gutter-cleaning tools, this chore is still daunting for many. If you are busy or physically unable to clean the gutters on your own, Universal Tradesman will be happy to step in. We provide professional gutter-cleaning services; therefore, you never have to personally take on this task again. For additional details or to set up an appointment for gutter cleaning on your property, please contact us right away.

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