Shower Waterproofing

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    Shower Waterproofing

    Every day in our homes we run hundreds of litres of water through our showers, so ensuring your shower waterproofing is up to scratch is important. 

    Shower waterproofing and what is required by Australian Standards differs based on how the shower build has been designed, whether it’s on a slab or not, and what sort of shower it is. In order to accurately price a job and not have any unexpected costs crop up at the end of the job, this sort of information must be readily available. 

    A lot of people hire a tiler who can waterproof to do their waterproofing and their tiling, but as a team with dedicated waterproofers and tilers we know first hand this has its pros and cons. Fully trained and certified waterproofers who are dedicated to a single profession and do it for a living have greater experience, knowledge and skill over someone who’s picked it up as a side gig to their main job. The trade-off for that skill and quality is that there’s one less person to liaise with for timing and it’s the one person doing the work so there’s less likelihood of a separate tradesperson accidentally ruining the waterproofing when interfering with their own trade. Our business has multiple divisions, which allows us to remove all the cons associated with this by supplying both dedicated waterproofers and tilers for a job, under the one banner. 

    Unfortunately in our property maintenance division, we’ve seen far too many homes with inadequate shower waterproofing. Some of these have deteriorated over time and cause entire walls to rot away. Some of them were never done to the required level in the first place. This almost always causes further damage to adjoining rooms and floors. All of these jobs racked up time-consuming repairs which rendered the shower unusable for some time. 

    Our shower waterproofing services are all carried out by qualified, experienced waterproofers who have done so many showers in their day, they could do them with their eyes closed. We also use the best products on the market, and are happy to demonstrate how strong, flexible and tear-proof they are in person. Contact us today if you want to talk about your shower waterproofing needs.