Retaining Wall Waterproofing

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    Retaining Wall Waterproofing

    Retaining wall waterproofing is a crucial part of preventing water leakage and seeping, and excess moisture buildup that can damage the structural integrity of your wall. Without this important process, water will penetrate your retaining wall over time, and this retention of water and moisture will cause the wall to collapse or break down before it really should.


    We use a number of extremely rugged fit-for-purpose roll-on liquid membranes that can withstand backfilling without ripping or tearing. This makes them perfect for retaining walls, block walls and planter boxes. 


    For jobs requiring added protection, we use the TREMBoard cuspated 6mm protection sheeting. This tough sheeting further protects the membrane from damage during backfilling, and forms a protective barrier against accidental damage from other trades. It is a much more rugged and flexible form of protection than rigid corflute sheets, and is designed specifically for this purpose. 

    If you’ve got a new retaining wall or are planning on building one and need retaining wall waterproofing done, contact us now for an obligation free discussion on the best way to proceed!

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    Backfilling against a retaining wall with a new membrane can sometimes get a little rough. Even though membranes are designed to be able to resist tears and scrapes caused by backfilling, you can always request corflute protection if you're worried about damaging your membrane.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any blockwork wall can be waterproofing, however if yours is particularly old and damaged, with holes all over it, you may struggle with getting it waterproofed. While you can patch these prior to waterproofing works, the cost (and time) can really start to add up.

    You can; we waterproof planter boxes all the time! We use a special anti-roof membrane that stops the spread of roots from escaping or penetrating your planter box.

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