Balcony Waterproofing

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    Balcony Waterproofing

    Balcony waterproofing is an essential part of any apartment, multi-level building, or townhouse build. Without it, water can pour down from balcony to balcony, and also cause damage to the surrounding building infrastructure. That’s a headache you don’t want to have to deal with, so make sure you get it done right from the start!

    Nowadays also having planter boxes built into a balcony is a popular look, perhaps as a feature or sometimes even as part of the edge barrier. Some planter boxes are self-contained systems which come already fully waterproofed. Others that need to be constructed as part of the build will need waterproofing done separately. This is something we’re more than happy to look at as part of your overall waterproofing job. 

    When looking at your balcony waterproofing, there are 2 ways to approach it. Both methods meet Australian Standards, and it can really come down to personal preference and budget at the end of the day. 

    The first option is to utilise a sheet membrane under the screed, and a liquid membrane over the screed. The sheet membrane we use for balconies is the Ardex WPM1000 Undertile Butynol rubber membrane. This product is far longer lasting than other sheet membranes in its class, and is highly resistant to the issues like tearing and cracking that other less-durable sheet membranes run in to, with a tensile strength more than 3 times that of a liquid membrane. This combination results in a truly unbeatable finish, with uncompromising quality and durability. 

    The more affordable option is to use a liquid membrane over and under the screed. For this, we use the Tremco Vulkem NEM, a product which is perfect for balconies. It has extreme flexibility without tearing which can be a life saver for building movement, and comes at a lower cost than using the sheet membrane. It does however take longer to cure.

    If you’re not 100% sure about which way to go, contact us and arrange to have a face-to-face meeting about it. Our waterproofing consultant can review your build and budget and advise on the best option for you. 

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    Is your balcony leaking? Consider leak detection services before getting the whole thing waterproofed again. It's a very expensive repair to have to do, and some smart shorter-term options might be available to you if you're lucky and the exact issue can be pinpointed. Sometimes it isn't even a case of a damaged membrane.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The sheet membrane is a more robust product with greater longevity, but it is marginally more expensive. With a lot of balconies, we use a sheet membrane under the screed, with a liquid membrane over the screed. This gives you the most reliable finish possible.

    The only limit to the size of the balcony we can waterproof is the size of the balcony you can build! We’ve waterproofed terraced roofs and giant wraparound balconies on luxurious mansion builds. If you can build it, we can waterproof it.

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