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13 Mar, 2020, 11:31 PM

Pouring concrete is a complex job that requires some expert level skill. If it isn’t properly poured, concrete can crack prematurely, making it necessary for you to pay additional money to either re-pour or repair the area. This is why it’s important to get the job done right from the outset.

Know What You Want

Understanding your needs will help you avoid the companies that are incapable of helping you reach your goals. This will also help you whittle down the overwhelming list of concrete pouring and pre cast concrete companies that are out there.

Mixing The Concrete

You have to consider which type of stone you want to mix with the concrete for aesthetically-pleasing results. This will determine how attractive and durable the cement is, after it has set.

Limestone is a popular addition given that it is easy to process and easy to find. It is also the least expensive choice. Limestone can be found on highways and in many buildings and thus, it is quite durable.

Trap rock and granite are two options worth considering given that they have similar properties and both are superior to limestone. They are more durable and far more abrasion-resistant. The main difference is that trap rock is much darker than limestone and granite is much lighter.

Sandstone is durable and well-worth incorporating into the mix. Its inherent quartz content gives it a sparkly look that other stones do not have. Sandstone does, however, have a lot of voids in its overall make-up that causes it to absorb moisture. This can be problematic in snowy or humid areas. Moisture causes cement expansion and contraction that can lead to eventual cracking. Sandstone is therefore, rarely used in places with considerable rain or snow.

Pebbles made with luminescent materials and synthetic resins can really make your mixture sparkle. This will light up pathways with no need for electricity.

Additional Options

There are a number of ways to modify cement. It can be dyed to the hue of your choice. This can make the concrete look like other materials that lie outside of your budget or that aren’t structurally suited to your project. For example, you might want to make your concrete look like brick.

Getting The Area Ready

You have to have a team who can get the targeted area ready. Concrete grinding companies are usually the best professionals for this job.

You will probably need the expertise of a civil engineering company as well. This is something to give serious thought to, especially if you’re cementing an area that will have heavy traffic. Driveways need REO bars for assured durability. These should be supplied by reputable steel fabricators. They will strengthen the cement for an increased ability to withstand weight, pressure and abrasion.

Adding The Final Touches

The final step is to give the concrete a good finish for added glossing and protection.

The right coating will preserve the natural shine of the concrete. This should be done with acrylic, polyurethane or epoxy coatings that seal out liquids and moisture to prevent cracking. This is why liquid hardeners are used to seal tiny cracks in the concrete that make it susceptible to moisture.

HiPERFLOOR can add a special luster. This process is highly skilled and brings flatness and reflective properties to the cement. It also completely seals concrete pores for increased longevity.

Let Cleaners Finish Things Up

You will need a some great cleaners to complete the work by buffing everything on your behalf. This should be done multiple times. Buffing restores the luster each time. While it takes time for grime to accumulate, you should have friendly cleaners buff your concrete every few months. Easy Care products and neutral solutions should be used as these are best for HiPERFLOOR treated areas.

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