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    Are you looking to build a new deck?

    The timber deck is a classic part of the Australian entertainer’s backyard. Throughout our lives, we’ve all spent memorable days and evenings with our friends and families, enjoying a good meal and great company on the classic Aussie deck. If you’ve got yard space and like lounging around outdoors, then building a deck is a great way to make use of that space. Not only is it a highly practical use of your yard, they also look fantastic and can bring extra value to your property.

    Depending on your specific budget and space limitations, there are a wide range of options to consider when deck building. This includes:

    • Type of timber to be used, and the type of stain or finish
    • The possibility for alternative building products such as composite materials that require less upkeep and maintenance
    • The size and shape of your deck
    • If you’re on uneven ground or a hill, would a multi level deck be suitable
    • Additions such as a shade sail, balustrade or stairs

    Another important thing to consider when deck building is the longevity of your deck. If not properly maintained, the deck will eventually degrade over time. Regular maintenance includes things like sanding, treating and staining the deck timbers every few years, and this can really add up in price. If you’re not someone who will be willing to maintain a schedule like that, you might want to consider timber alternatives. These do not require staining or as much maintenance as timber, however cost a bit more during the initial construction of the deck.

    The deck building process

    So now that you’ve had some time to think about the options available to you for your new deck, what’s the process of having that new deck built?

    Initial Inspection and Measure

    We start by meeting you onsite to discuss what you want to do. We take a look at the area available and how large you want to make the deck, and obtain the measurements so that we can produce the quote. This is an important step as it means that we can work out precisely what it is that you want. It is also important to check that there are no services where you’re hoping to have your deck built, and that there’s nothing else below ground that could impede works.

    As we are currently in the middle of nation-wide lockdowns, where possible this needs to be done remotely. You’ll need to supply us with photos and measurements of your yard and the desired deck size so that we can price this with as little contact as possible. If you’re not completely confident in your measurements, we can always provide this costing as an estimate based on your supplied size, and confirm it when we are able to get onsite.

    Preparation and Setup

    Once the quote has been approved and we know all of the specifications of your new deck, we get to the preparation stage.

    This stage is fairly involved and includes a number of important steps:

    • We mark out the location of the deck
    • Once marked, we can accurately locate and space where the posts and joists will need to be, and any anchor points
    • We ensure everything is square and level so that your deck will sit correctly once built
    • Lastly, we dig out and install your posts

    As the posts will need to be concreted in, we leave to allow this to set and cure.

    Putting it All Together

    Now that we have your deck foundation all set and good to go, we install the joists. These are the timber beams that your decking boards need to be fixed to.

    Once the joists are in, the timber decking boards can be installed and your deck will actually look like a deck! Now we can treat and stain it in the desired colour and it’s ready to go. Just make sure that the stain has had adequate time to dry and cure before you walk on it or place furniture on it.

    If you’re interested in having a deck built, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your new deck!

    Helpful Hint #464

    Brand new decks do look amazing, but over time they will deteriorate and age. Treating and staining the timber will help slow this down, so we do recommend getting this done when your new deck is built, and on a regular maintenance schedule, to ensure your deck stays beautiful and new for as long as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes; if you have a specific timber in mind we are happy to use it. The most commonly requested timbers are pine and merbau and they’re both fantastic for deck building.

    This depends on the current schedule of work, but in most cases we can make accommodations to ensure you have your deck done within a set schedule. We just need to ensure that things like concrete and stains have enough time to set and cure correctly before you start using the deck.

    We sure can – embedded LEDs are a great way to illuminate the edges of your deck and ensure safety, as well as providing ambient lighting.

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