Garage Conversion to office
20 Aug, 2021, 3:37 AM

Garage conversions provide great opportunities to make the best use of spaces that are frequently underused or unused. If the garage on your property is not doing much more than serving as storage area for all the things that are no longer needed, now might be the right time to make much better use of it.

With meticulous planning and scaled drawings, an amazing space can be created in the garage that will be both visually appealing and functional. When thinking about converting a garage, consider how the space will be used. You should think about your need for the space and its association with the rest of the home.

Garage Renovations Melb

Originally, garages were designed as spaces to house vehicles. As such, a garage is often somewhat of a long and narrow awkward space that do not necessarily create an ideal accommodation for habitable living. Therefore, the task of converting a garage into a homely and comfortable space might require knocking down or repositioning some walls. Doing this type of alteration typically help homeowners in maximizing the additional square footage that will be gained.

Typically these kinds of works will require all the same tradies that would be fitting out a house to come in and see the renovation through. This includes carpenters for the framing, sparkies for the electrical wiring installation, a Handyman to install the insulation, plasterers and painters, just to finish off the basics.

A number of individuals take on a garage conversion while carrying out a full renovation the ground floor spaces. This is a remarkable idea that allows for the rethinking of the existing spaces and the full integration of the garage fully into the layout of the ground floor.

There are a number of reasons individuals made the decision to undertake garage conversions. For some, the decision has to do with wanting a bigger kitchen, while others may want to convert it into a home office space or transform it into a new boot room. Garage conversions make for amazing dens, playrooms, quiet snugs to create an escape for grownups or additional WCs downstairs. Some individuals opt to use this versatile space as a shower room or to create a bedroom on the ground floor. Below are some remarkable ideas for garage conversions that can be used as a guideline for whatever reason you are considering one:

Hobby Room

Regardless of the purpose for which you will use your new hobby room, for creating a zone in the converted garage dedicated to that pastime is a wonderful idea. Included in the ideas for enjoyable uses of the garage conversion ideas are:

• Games room
• Home cinema

• Reading room/library
• Snug or den
• Hobby/craft workshop
• Home gym
• Gaming room

Having a space dedicated to your hobbies is an indication that the room can be kitted out as required without the existing layout being impacted or other family members being affected. In addition, you might discover that the existing narrow and long layout of the garage works quite well with your hobby and taking out or repositioning existing walls is totally unnecessary. Based on the use of the space, an entrance door could even be installed to allow visitors to have direct access. This idea is ideal for teenage game rooms or general spaces designed for hanging out with family and friends.

Home Office

Creating a space for a home office space is among the most popular ideas for garage conversions, especially in Melbourne, largely due to the current issues office workers are facing. This is particularly true nowadays when an increasing number of individuals are opting to work from home. Whether the spaced is meant for children to do their homework or for another member of the household to have an organized and quiet space to work, garage conversions as home offices are a wonderful idea.

Typically, garages are positioned away from primary living areas and this usually allows for a self-contained entry for work-related guests. If it is likely that you will have visitors to your home office space and to maximize functionality, you can consider including features like lots of built-in storage, a skylight or another source of natural light and lots of power outlets. You can also think about incorporating a space for a kitchen sink, coffee and tea making facilities and even a powder room.

Kitchen Extension

If the garage on your property is positioned adjacent to the kitchen, taking out the wall that lies between the two will help in creating a larger family kitchen or a kitchen-dining room combination. In addition, taking out the wall will help to overcome the issues with effectively using the long, narrow space typical to garages.

The volume of light flowing into the new space can be increased by incorporating a run of skylights or a roof lantern. These lighting options provide a wonderful method of flooding the space with pure, bright light. It should be noted that this type of lighting can be used to give the conversion a much more spacious feel.

To maximize functionality, split up the new space into different zo

nes to make sure each section of the new space is designated for a distinctive purpose. Consider using a variety of lighting options, paint colours and flooring to achieve a separate yet coordinated look for the new spaces.

Living Room

Relocating the living room to the garage or creating a cohesive dining room, living room and kitchen in that space is one of the more popular ideas for garage conversions. This can be done by taking down internal walls and opening up the space. Doing this could go a far way in improving the flow of the whole home and making a small, dark house look and feel a lot more spacious as well. These days, more and more individuals are choosing to have two living spaces in their homes; one that serves as a quiet retreat and one for family and larger gatherings. This type of garage conversion can go a far way in making room for one of those purposes.

Extend Above the Garage

If the aim is to add a considerable amount of space to your home by way of a garage conversion, it is definitely worth thinking about doing an extension over the garage as a part of the transformation. Doing this will assist in creating a balance between the first floor and ground floor spaces.

If you choose to incorporate an en suite bathroom, this could be converted into a beautiful and functional self-contained guest bedroom. However, if you are seeking to add a spare bedroom for a member of the household, the layout of the top floor will need to be carefully considered and this would include providing a way for the new space to be accessed from the upper level, so the space does not feel detached from the rest of the home.

Gym Garage Conversion

Home Gym

If you are looking for alternative ways to work out during the colder months or getting to the gym is a struggle, a home gym might be the ideal garage conversion for you. While workout equipment could work in other areas of the home, these pieces typically take up plenty of space. This is just one of the reasons having a home gym in your garage conversion is another remarkable idea.

This provides you with the opportunity to carve out a dedicated space that will enable you to kit it out with slip-resistant, hard-wearing flooring that might not be suited to other parts of the home. In addition, you could think about adding soundproofing measures and an air conditioning unit.

Additional Bedroom

Based on the current layout of the property, it may be possible to transform the garage into an extra bedroom. In addition, the long and narrow space could be broken up via a stud wall to include a shower room, WC or a full bathroom.


Playrooms are often the remarkable outcome of garage conversions. Ensuring the newly renovated space is partially kept open to an adjacent kitchen means younger children can be supervised, while day-to-day duties are being carried out by a parent or guardian. For maximum functionality, be sure to include plenty of built-in storage options to accommodate toys.

Home Cinema

Gym Converrsion Of A Garage

A garage conversion serving as a home cinema is a magnificent idea for many reasons. First of all, the conversion provides you with the opportunity to load in lots of soundproofing, which means the entire household need not be exposed to whatever movie you want to watch at any given time.

Furthermore, this provides the opportunity to start from scratch, which means as many power outlets as you and the new entertainment system desire can be included in the plan. Additionally, you can tailor the lighting and consider placement of furniture pieces with a blank canvas in mind.

Utility Room

Another way to convert a garage that is positioned adjacent to the kitchen is to have them repurposed into a boot room or utility room. This type of space provides the potential to incorporate a back door easily. In addition, you could add a WC downstairs if one is not already there.

Detached Garage

When it comes to converting a detached garage, there is the unique option of transforming it into a separate annex. However, it is important to note that that this may require getting planning permission, depending on where you live in Melbourne.

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