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Want your render to look great and last longer?

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    Is your render looking old, dirty and cracked?

    Rendering is one of the most popular ways to improve the look of your home’s facade. However, did you know that render is actually an incredibly short-lived product? It looks absolutely amazing when it’s first applied, but within months you start to see cracks and stains that just won’t come out. And on top of that, if you damage the render accidentally, any patching done is instantly visible even if done by a qualified professional. It’s the unfortunate nature of the product.

    Luckily render painting exists to both beautify and protect your render coating. This layer provides a number of  extremely useful benefits:

    • Firstly, render paint comes in a huge range of colours. This range is much wider than what you’d see in render alone, allowing you to customise your rendered areas to perfectly suit the aesthetic of your home.
    • Secondly, render paint provides a protective barrier from the elements. Ordinarily render dries out and cracks over time; it’s not a product with a lot of flex to it. Painting it will actually improve the longevity of the render.
    • Repairs are significantly easier to do. Normally if damage occurs due to unforeseen circumstances, patching the render results in a very obvious change in colour or texture as it’s not possible to perfect match the exact original rendered surface. Painting allows you to make this repair invisible, as the paint colour will be a match.
    • Painting makes the surface easier to clean than the far more porous render on its own.

    Considering the cost of getting your home or parts of your home rendered, it is a smart idea to opt for the painting service as well. This is something that you can have done as part of the original rendering job, or it can be added in later as a standalone service.

    If you’re interested in learning more about our render painting services or would like to book a free consultation and quote, please contact us today!

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    Don't skimp on the painting! Sure, you've probably paid a decent amount of money to have your property rendered, and it probably looks fantastic too, but render on its own does not have a very good lifespan. If you want to protect that investment, you'll opt for the protective paint coatings.

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