Looking to update the look of your home?

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    Rendering is a great way to improve your home's aesthetic!

    Rendering is a hugely popular way of making your home look more modern. It can be a great option where the current bricks of your home are not striking and could do with a stylistic change. Rendering can also add dimension to an otherwise flat and boring facade.

    We offer a couple of rendering services that will help you keep your home looking perfect.


    Do you need to get your home rendered for the first time? We can provide rendering services for new builds, renovations, or just to spruce up your existing home!

    Render Painting

    Keep your render looking clean and new with a protective paint coating. This is essential to keeping the render in good condition. We’ll explain why in this page.

    Render Repairs

    Has something bumped into your rendered surface, leaving it damaged and unsightly? Our render repairs service will help fix up your damaged render!

    Otherwise, please feel free to contact us with your rendering enquiry! Remember, supplying a photo will help us process your enquiry faster.

    Helpful Hint #962

    Opt for a waterproof protective paint membrane over the top layer of your render to stop it from ageing so quickly, and to make it easier to clean. It's a little extra money at the start, but will save you a whole lot of heartache a few months down the track!

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