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13 Mar, 2020, 11:39 PM

Cleaning Errors that Waste Your Time

As far as cleaning goes, we would all like to complete the task easily, efficiently and fast. As straightforward as that sounds, for many homeowners cleaning is a time consuming, challenging activity that leads to exasperation and substandard results. We have found that the underlying problem typically lies in the products or methods that are used, which double your work and hinder you instead of helping you! Therefore, in our effort to facilitate your cleaning efforts, we have compiled a list of common errors that waste your valuable time, and cause unintentional damage to your house.

1. Filthy Rags are not Cleanable!

Frequently, rags for cleaning are left filthy after they have been used, then we use them again on the next occasion we have to clean. However, this time, we are not really cleaning; we are transferring old muck onto surfaces as we gather up newer dirt. It is a common cleaning mistake. Here is an easy fix; after you have used a dirt rag, thoroughly rinse it under water until the water is running clean. Moreover, if a rag becomes too filthy during the process of cleaning, give it a rinse (or get a clean rag if you do not wish to use a moist cloth on that specific surface) and carry on cleaning.

2. Don’t Smudge Your Mirrors!

This error is a typical novice cleaning faux pas. You spray glass cleaner all over your mirrors, then use a squeegee, newspaper or microfiber cloth to wipe it off, however the final result is a musky looking mirror with dirt streaks visible over the surface. The reason for this is that mirrors require a thorough wipe with a clean rag first, to get rid of all the dirt and dust present on them. After you have done that, spraying the glass cleaner on will deal with the rest.

3. Dishes That are Unsoaked Increase Scrubbing Time

It takes a few seconds to put some water onto your dirty plates, then leave them aside while you attend to other things. The time that your dishes spend in the water will save you from having to scrub away endlessly to remove dried on gravy or food. Likewise, using warm water will facilitate the scrubbing process and save you considerable time.

4. How to Clean Windows Correctly: Dusting, Spraying and Wiping — Then Repeat?

There does not have to be a repeatable process with window cleaning, if it is done at the correct time of day. Do not clean windows if the sun is shining brightly; either pick an overcast day, or do it late afternoon when the sun’s rays are less severe. The reason for this is that the sun warms your windows up and rapidly dries out the glass cleaner. This leaves streaks after you wipe them. Therefore, you have to clean them several times to remove the streaks. Just do the cleaning on a cloudy day, and we are sure that you won’t have to double back on your work!

Whilst cleaning your windows, this is a great time to inspect them for potential rot, and areas of the paint membrane where moisture may penetrate and sit. Remember, a ‘stitch in time’ is very applicable here, should you find any problem areas, get in touch with your local handyman to repair your window rot, before you need to replace the entire window frame.

5. Stains on Carpets: Scrubbing Versus Blotting

While in a panicked state, new carpet stains are hit with frantic scrubbing that causes them to spread and harms the fibres irreparably. In contrast, blotting is far more effective at soaking up the color and dampness of stains, without harming carpets. Nonetheless, use several clean rags to absorb the stain until all the dampness has been absorbed. After this, you can carry on with the process of removing the stain.

6. Understand Your Cleaning Equipment

Occasionally, it is the cleaning equipment you use that really eats your time up. Conduct some research to ensure that you have the correct equipment for the task. For instance, when cleaning pans and pots, use abrasive scrubbers instead of soft sponges. With the latter option, you will be scrubbing for ages before you notice any improvement.

7. Minimalistic Cleaning is the Best Approach

It is understandable to believe that using more products will produce a cleaner result. However, have you ever used too much washing liquid in the washing machine, when doing your laundry? If so, you will have seen that your clothes ended up covered with a residue, or felt stiff and needed an extra rinse. The same principle applies with furniture polish; if you use too much you end up with a surface film that needs more vigorous scrubbing to remove overtime. Aside from this, you wind up wasting a huge quantity of product!

8. The Vacuum bag Should be Emptied Frequently

A vacuum, bag filled with dust makes vacuuming useless. It will not collect much dirt and might even blow dirt out of the exhaust! This is why you should clean your vacuum bag regularly, to maintain it and ensure that your hoovering is fast and stress free. We highly recommend for home use, to use the Dyson bagless models

9. Do not Sacrifice Standing Time When it Comes to Cleaning Products

Many cleaners require a certain quantity of standing time, prior to the commencement of the next step of the cleaning process. If you fail to observe this, you will wind up cleaning for longer and investing more effort. For instance, toilet bowl cleaners should be kept inside for several minutes, prior to brushing them so that the stains dissolve rapidly and effectively.

Whether it is guides, tips or cleaning services, Simply Maid gets the job done in a timely manner. Contact us today to get your Sydney home cleaned, and we are sure that you will be delighted with the results.

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