Timber Tv Feature Wall
23 Apr, 2020, 3:26 AM

A beautiful feature wall can go a long way in making a house feel like a home. Best of all, it’s a pretty straight forward process from turning a blank white plaster wall, into a beautiful new centerpiece of your lounge room!

First is, workout what you want, what you’ll have to build around and what needs to be integrated into the overall design. Having an existing TV and sound system to work around is a great start, but if you’re planning on upgrading the side of your television, than you need to be sure to build your timber feature wall to suit it, and you’ll definitely need to ensure the TV bracket mount you have will be suitable to hold the TV you want.

Building A Tv Feature Wall

In the below design, we had a television to work with, but there was plans to upgrade to an 82in TV, so we worked out the dimensions of the TV that was to be a part of this design, and built it according. We also made sure to get a TV mount that would be capable of holding such a large screen. Next item we had to think about was the sound system, this setup had a sound bar and sub woofer, with wireless speakers placed up the back of the room. So we made sure to build a perfectly sized shelf for the sound bar, and space to place the sub woofer in an area that would maximize the bass capabilities.

To start off, like most things, we needed the framework to build to. This was done with 70 x 35mm pine, which we fixed to the studs in the existing wall with large 14 gauge screws and liquid nails (Very much overkill), finding where the studs were was as easy as placing a stud finder on the wall, removing all the guess work. After the basic framework was erected, the TV was mounted, and cables were then hidden within the walls.

finished timber tv feature wall

The framework then is finished off, and our recycled timber is then installed to the framework. Our chosen wood was recycled floor boards, made from Victorian Ash Hardwood, many of which had different finishes, some were bare, some had high gloss finishes and others were in matte, all of which adds to the rustic look that was sought after. Each piece was cut to size, and fixed to the framework with a finishing gun.

One issue that can occur is joining the wood face perfectly together again at the top, the great thing about using these floor boards, is they have a nice tongue and groove join which allows for a little play in the overall placement, which does not impact the overall look. Whether or not you can see it in the end result of this project, we had to move the level of the boards at the top to marry up with the opposite side.

As you finish up your project, make sure to decorate it with some minor finishing touches, maybe even a splash of green, just to maximize the life you bring to your room! In this case, we opted for Devils Ivy, hanging from a hook, fixed to the feature wall.

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